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the film
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From the award-winning director of The Need To GROW (Ryan Wirick), comes a story about light, food, how we heal, and what it will take to create a healthy, thriving world.

With chronic disease and malnutrition rates skyrocketing, a renegade farmer uncovers the link between human health and the dire need for local, light-filled food. Will society align with the quantum physics of healing before it's too late?

Starring Erik Cutter (The Need To GROW), Dr. Zach Bush, Dr. Valencia Porter, Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, and more, Farmacy of Light reveals breakthroughs in biophotonics that have been suppressed for decades. Discoveries by Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho could be the key to fixing our broken health care system, but only if there's access to the right food ... only if we take action.


Follow Erik Cutter as he fights to create access to healing, light-filled food right as the world locks down due to COVID-19. Sudden global food shortages put a spotlight on this critical issue.

A quantum leap in healing is literally already here. The only question 
is ... Will we take it? Will you?

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The facts
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What does it mean to heal? What are the biological and societal mechanisms involved? What if our fundamental assumptions about how the human body heals have been profoundly incomplete?

All living beings have photons within their bodies right now. Between our cells, more than a hundred thousand biological photons—or biophotons—are exchanged every single second, responding to our food, our environment, even our thoughts.

Our cells communicate with each other at the speed of light through biophotons—literally the foundation of healing, starting at the quantum level. This implicit reservoir of light-energy is either replenished or neglected based on the food we eat.


Our entire approach to centralized, toxin-dependent food production relies on long-distance transportation, which is itself reliant on carbon fuels and toxic emissions. When this systematic atrocity is combined with a disconnect from ancient knowledge about medicinal foods, and further combined with an absence of biophysics in basic preventative health care, it becomes clear that all of these systems thrive on the degradation of human health.

Food can deliver light. There are foods that are fundamental to our ability to heal—our resilience. Integrating these biophysics discoveries into how we grow food, and how we prevent and reverse disease, would create a paradigm shift in human and planetary health.

The movement
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Can we align civilization with the biophotonic needs of the human body? That question may not be top of mind, but it should be.


What would that look like?

It would look like everyone having access to a diversity of nutrient-dense, light-filled food that's grown in close proximity to their home, supported by an infrastructure that enables the shortest possible time between harvest and consumption.

It would look like an unprecedented decline in chronic disease, malnutrition, and exposure to toxic chemicals. As well as a decline in our reliance on monocultures, herbicides, and ecosystem annihilation.

It would look like a renewed understanding of human resilience, longevity, and mental/physical health. It would look like a devastating decline in popular buy-in for a multitude of Big Ag and Big Pharma revenue streams.

It would look like a world and civilization we are proud to leave for our children—a world and civilization worthy of our best intentions as a species. All of this is possible, but only if we demand it.

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